Terms of Use


On  the 12th of May 1998 the Hamburg Regional Court decided that if a site  includes a link to other web pages, then that site may be jointly  responsible for the content of the linked web pages. 

The Regional  Court states that this can only be avoided by the site that includes  the link expressly distancing itself from the content of the linked web  pages. The links to third party web pages set up on this site have been  set up in good faith. We have only provided links to third parties we  trust. However, it is not possible for us to examine the content of  every web page in every detail. We therefore expressly accept no  liability for the content of all such linked web pages and do not make  representations about nor endorse such web pages or their contents as  our own. We request the user to immediately inform us of any illegal  content which linked web pages might contain. 

Programs are  downloaded at the user’s own risk. hauck GmbH + Co. KG accepts no  liability for losses which might result from downloading files  neither/nor from installing programs (this also includes files from  external web pages). Once the user saves data, the user is solely  responsible for using that data correctly. We expressly point out that,  whilst hauck GmbH + Co. KG makes every endeavour to keep its web site  free from viruses, it cannot rule them out. hauck GmbH + Co. KG accepts  no liability for Internet shortcomings, for losses occasioned by third  parties, for imported data of all types (viruses, worms, macro viruses, Trojan horses, dialers, spy ware) nor for links from and to other web  pages. hauck GmbH + Co. KG recommends every user make use of up-to-date  anti-virus software. 

hauck GmbH + Co. KG accepts absolutely no  liability for any direct, indirect, special or other type of  consequential loss which may accrue to you or to any third parties as a  result of using this web site or any web site linked to it, including  the downloading of files. We also accept no liability for any loss of  profits, any interruption of operations or loss of programs or other  data from your information systems. 

As the operator, hauck GmbH +  Co. KG provides no guarantee for the up-to-datedness, correctness,  completeness or quality of the information provided. Any claims against  hauck GmbH + Co. KG resulting from losses of either a material or  non-material nature caused by using or not using the information  provided or by using incorrect or incomplete information, are expressly  ruled out as long as there is no verifiable evidence of intent or gross  negligence on the part of hauck GmbH + Co. KG. All offers are made  subject to confirmation and are non-binding. hauck GmbH + Co. KG  expressly reserves the right to change, add to, delete or temporarily or  entirely stop operating and/or providing this entire web site or parts  thereof without any special prior announcement. 

This disclaimer  is to be considered part of the Internet package. If any parts of these  terms of use, or any specific form of words within these terms of use,  should not, should no longer or should not entirely be in tune with the  applicable legal situation, then the validity of all remaining parts of  the terms of use shall be unaffected by this.



Every  time a user accesses a hauck GmbH + Co. KG web page, and every time a  file is called up, data concerning this process is stored in a record  file. This data is not personalised, i.e. we cannot trace which user has  accessed which data. The data recorded each time is as follows: 

file name 
quantity of data transmitted 
transmission status report 
web browser used 
operating system used 

The IP address of the computer sending the enquiry is not saved. 

 This means that it is not possible to create a specific individual user  profile. The stored data is only analysed for the purposes of further  developing the site for the editorial department running the Internet  Security Initiative. The data is not passed on to any third parties, neither for commercial nor non-commercial purposes. This site does not  use cookies. Neither does the site use any other tool the purpose of  which is to trace the user's web activities. 

The exception to  this is additional services such as page recommendations and e-cards. In  these cases it is necessary to save the data entered in the forms for a  period of 6 months for internal statistical purposes as well as to make  the service itself possible as well as to prevent / punish misuse. If  not otherwise requested by the user, the data is then deleted.



In  all things published, hauck GmbH + Co. KG makes every effort to comply with copyrights on graphics, sound recordings, video sequences and texts. We make every effort to use our own graphics, sound recordings, video sequences and texts or to use non-licensed graphics, sound recordings, video sequences and texts. 

All brands and trademarks  mentioned on these web pages and having associated third party  protective rights are unrestrictedly subject to the provisions of the  labelling law concerned and to the ownership rights of the registered  owner concerned. Simple mention is not in the least to suppose that the  trademark is not protected by third party rights. 

The copyright for items published which have been created by the company itself  remains exclusively the property of the site’s originator. Such graphics, sound recordings, video sequences and texts shall not be reproduced nor used in any other electronic or printed publications without our express permission.