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4 Way Carrier

  • 4 Carrying possibilities on front, back & hips
  • Ergonomical baby carrier with recommended M-Seat
  • Head and neck support
  • Weight distribution on shoulders and hips
  • Various adjustment options
Comfortable in every aspect

Comfortable in every aspect

Our 4 Way Carrier offers highest comfort for not only your child but also for yourself. The weight is distributed equally on shoulders and hips and the straps are individually adjustable. Buckles and inner velcro enable you to adjust the carrier to your child's size.

4 ways of carrying

4 ways of carrying

Our 4 Way Carrier is perfect for parents always on the go - this carrier will make your daily life a great deal easier. This carrier was developed under ergonomic viewpoints and guarantees maximum security. Your child can be carried in front, on your back or even on your hips in 4 different ways. Thanks to individually adjustable buckles, your child can be carried in the correct squat-straddle position advised by paediatricians.

Squat-straddle position

Squat-straddle position

In order to comfortably carry your child face to face with you, the lower zip fastening has to be opened. This way, your child will automatically reach the correct squat-straddle position advised by paediatricians and snuggle up to you feeling safe wherever you go.

Breathable fabrics

Breathable fabrics

In order to prevent parents sweating while carrying their child, breathable and moisutre-regulationg materials have been used. The neck support is also made of soft cotton fabrics.

4 Way Carrier

The 4 Way Carrier is perfect for mobile parents - it will facilitate your daily life with child immensely. This safe baby carrier has been developed with ergonomics in mind. It gives you the possibility of carrying your little one either on your front or back in four different positions. Equipped with many different adjustment possibilities, the 4 Way Carrier fulfills all requirements for correctly carrying your child in the correct M position as recommended by paediatricians.

If you want to carry your baby on your front, facing you, open the zip fastening in the ergonomically shaped seat. This automatically puts your child in the squat-straddle position recommended by paediatricians, where they can snuggle up close to your body.

If you prefer to carry your child on your hip, you can achieve the desired position by attaching the strap supplied to the 4 Way Carrier.

Should your child want to explore the world, wear the 4 Way Carrier with both straps so that they face forward. Carrying your little one on your back gives them a totally different perspective.

Your child will always be comfortable on the move in this position, because the carrier is softly padded and has a supportive head piece. We have also thought about mum and dad, because the baby carrier has soft shoulder padding to better spread out the child’s weight and take the pressure off the shoulders.

The 4 Way Carrier is perfect for parents on the go as it can be flexibly adjusted to every position and size and grows with your child.


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4 Way Carrier - Black
Color Black
EAN CODE 4007923581025

Product weight

Product net weight 1,20 kg
Product gross weight 1,50 kg
Age Information
  • from birth up to 12 kg
Carrying possibilities 4
Special Features
  • Ergonomical M-Seat
Built up   15 x 25 x 31 cm